Sunday, March 24, 2013

LBD (Litte Black Dress)

LBD with a rocker style: Hat and edgy heels. Also the snake you already know and the big belt I'm addicted to! (And to match with the snake necklace, I added a shiny snake-print hat)
The favorite of all designers! The LBD (or little black dress), you can't miss it in your wardrobe, it matches everything, it is good for every occasion, and depending on the accessories it can be rocker, formal, casual, you can make it become everything you want!! It is defo a must have in every girls closet.
Remember: it (obviously) has to be black, and above the knees.
For a super formal outfit you can use it with pantyhose and closed heels, in ANY color (as long as they match your accesories and/or your bag).
For a casual look: Leggins or pantyhose in a vibrant color and boots (any kind, either flats or with heels)
For a night look: open heels or boots (no leggins or hose and big accessories)
For a job look: Leggins or pantyhose, heels (closed), discrete accessories and a blazer.
Anyway, since this one is the best example I have of a LBD I'm gonna upload some pictures soon with different variations hoping they will help you.
This was a party look and I had a great time!!

The snake-print hat. Some girls are ashamed of using hats but hey!! Fashion lovers are supposed to want to be noticed, aren't they? :) And yes! The pic has no retouch, the eye bags are real! I made my eyes look smoky. Remember: with smoky eyes your lips should not be the stars, don't use a dark color ;), if you want your lips to call all the looks, use more natural make-up on your eyes.
My eyes are greenish-brown (although they look kinda dark brown on the pic) but I love contacts! You can make them match your outfit ;)

Bracelet: Silver and shiny, to match the necklace ;)

I know the beads are not in silver colors, but who cares! It was a rock night so what a better chance to use these ones?

LBD: A courtesy of my cousin Lorena (but she got it in a second hand market, for almost nothing!!)
Hat: courtesy of my bf!!
Snake necklace: you already know it! But was under 20 USD
Heels: Got them in a super sale in Norway for less than 30 USD
Make-up: MAC

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