Monday, March 25, 2013

Rock chic

Here I am, getting ready for jumping and screaming following the rocker crowd ;)
So, today my boyfriend took me to this heavy metal concert of a band he loves. I had never heard of them until a couple of days ago (when we got the tickets), and of course I didn't have any shirt with the name of the band or anything like it. I am not into heavy metal (although some things are cool), so I had been struggling thinking what to wear. Mission one: Don't look like a lost girl in a concert where the main audience was boys. Mission two: Look sexy but not slutty. Mission three: Look kinda rocker but with a twist, and even though black is the rockers color, if you don't wear it properly in a gig you might end up looking goth (there are some cool goth garments, but it was not my goal). Mission four: Keep my personality.
And last but not least: I needed heels because I ALWAYS end up behind the tallest guy in the audience and since I'm short, I never see anything. Heels but not open because always someone steps on you, comfortable (as much as they can be), and somehow protecting my feet... sooo boots!!! I have many other pairs of shoes I haven't showed you, but today was the long long black boots you already know day. They are the highest ones I have and I really need to see!!  And well, the accesories, I like them but I know they are not too rocker, but was the best I could do.

 Metallic belt: I know it is not like heavy metal kind, but matched the earings and necklace

 Earings in the same color of the belt and necklace: sorry about the exposure but was too dark and I didn't measure the flash correctly.

Necklace: Don't you think it's cute? :)

Blouse: Courtesy of my cousin Lorena, seen before in:
Skirt: I must have had it for at least 2 years, but I remember it was really cheap (around 8 USD)
Belt: Courtesy of my friend that lives in Switzerland (also called Lorena) a loooong time ago (around 10 years)
Hat: Vintage (belonged to my parents)
Belt and earings: Fantasy jewerly 
Boots: you already know them!!

Make-up: MAC

Ah! And if you are curious, the name of the bad is Saxon! Here is a pic that I somehow managed to get before getting all squeezed :p
It's not that bad considering the crowd moving and all :p

And here is a pic of the metal-lover boy (my bf ) and me before the concert started:
And if anyone wonders: right now we are in Mexico City, but choosing a new destination :)
Back to Norway... maybe 
See you soon!

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  1. Saxon!!... tiene buenos gustos el tio!...

    P.D: tu tambien ;-P


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