Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cotton Black Dress

I love cotton, it is super soft, super comfy, not tight, and light! So, today, I decided to go for a totally black outfit but I added a bit of color on my socks, and of course my bag ;)
Some might think that they don't match at all but that is exactly the idea. Many trendsetters have become iconic because of breaking the rules. As long as you look at yourself on the mirror and you don't consider that you look like a clown, you're perfect. Some crazy accessories, or touches of color, hair-do, anything, can be the key for you to be noticed in a good way, and still look nicely different ;)
I also added a very messy pony tail because if my hair looked perfect all covered in black, I could have looked like a secretary, or comming back from a funeral, that's also the reason of the peacock feather. Hope you like!
Can you notice the color on the socks? Crazy leggins would have been also perfect to "break" the rules, but by now I just have black, I have to fix that soon.
If you are all dressed in black and you add high-heels, you will look super formal, so the flats are great for the street look.

An ultra long cardigan to add a "baggy" look. 

I love my snake, but I still needed more color!

I "worked" some minutes in making my hair messy ;)

Don't be afraid of an edgy touch ;)

Mixing with black needs you to be brave, but certainly you can create something cool and funky!

Remember, if you use everything black you will also look great but avoid strong eyeliners or you will look like a vampire, or a goth queen, or the eyes with a lot of make up ;)

Dress: H&M Basics, around 12 USD
Socks: 50 Cents
Necklaces and earings: Fantasy accessories (really cheap)
Shoes: Got them on a street market for around 8 USD
Bag: Was around 8 USD

Make-up: MAC and L'Oréal

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