Wednesday, March 20, 2013


 Purple dress and leggins :)
Again I loooove the animal print. So, I was reading not long ago that after Jackie O. was seen with a Leopard Coat in the 60's, the outfit created so much furor in Jackie's fans, that the poor animal nearly got extinct!! After such an attack on the special fur animal species, finally it got protected and now it is not allowed to sell or buy real leopard fur garments. Still we love how it looks like, and although in the early 2000 we were afraid of using it because in the 80's it got overused, finally the print is back and is always amazing either alone or in matching outfits (or not matching, who cares? fashion is creation, and expresion, so don't be afraid of experimenting "weird" combinations or "anticombinations", many stars became iconic after crossing the line of what was stablished and what they thought fashion was).
Also... good news! Finally (specially during the last 5 years), the golden jewerly is back!! :) I remember that in my teens I loved it but I was really afraid of using it because everything was about silver. Silver is awesome, but now gold (even in dresses and shoes) comes back stronger than ever!!
However, before you decide either if using gold or silver (at least the color), you have to consider:
a) your outfit
b) your skintone !!!
DON'T FORGET! Many girls are not aware that your skin color is the one that really can help you choose your jewerly.
If you are wearing warm colors (orange, yellow, brown, light green, etc.) probably the gold one is way much better.
If you are wearing cold (or cool) colors, like any kind of blue, or purple, then go for silver!
Black and white are neutros so they go with everything :)
This chart might help you.
And how to know if your skin is warm or cool?
With natural light check the veins in your arm, if they appear more blue, your skin is deffo cool, and if they look kinda green, then it is warm.
Generally very white skin is cool and tanned skin is warm.

Anyway, if you feel good with what you wanna wear, forget about everything!! I am warm but still I love silver and cool tones in my outfits!
 Faux leather leopard print bag

 Faux leopard belt

And to continue with the felines theme a golden jaguar necklace :)

Dress: Primark (under 15 USD)
Beret: Vintage (it belonged to my dad)
Bag: Handcrafted (really cheap)
Belt: Primark (under 10 USD)
Shoes: Present from my bf :)
Necklace: Fantasy jewerly (really cheap)

Make up: MAC

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