Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Maybe you have noticed that on the last years the owls became super in. You find them in necklaces, earings, rings, watches and all kind of accesories. I like all animals, and of course, I was not gonna leave this trend go away. So I looked for some owls that I had somewhere in my accesories and decided to wear them. Since the earings and the necklace were old-golden color, I tried to match the browns palette with the clothes and shoes of today, and I used super comfy boots since we were gonna walk a lot. I hope you like it!! :)
Don't faint with the CH bag. I love it but it is a replica my mom got for me :), here I am with the jacket on :)

As you might have noticed, I love hats, so this one fitted the black shorts and leggins, but I also wanted to try the outfit without it. No jacket :)

No hat. It was a real pain in the ass to get this shine on the hair, but I'll let you know the secret soon :)

 In this pic you can get a deep close-up from my face skin. Not easy to get it this soft, but cheap? Yes!! I'll let you know some of my secrets soon!!! (The pic has no retouch)

Owl necklace and earings, they look super cool but costed practically nothing :)

No hat, no jacket. I think it looks cool as well :)

Jacket: I got it on a second hand market for 5 USD!!
Hat: Got it on a sale for around 5 USD :)
Shorts: Got it on a sale on H&M for around 12 USD
Jewelry: Fantasy Jewelry, earings and necklace for less than 15 USD
Boots: Got them on a super sale and were 6 USD!!
Top: A gift from my cousin :)
Bag: A gift from my mom, but it is a replica!
Make-up: MAC

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