Sunday, March 31, 2013

Don't be afraid of red

An A mini skirt will always make your legs look longer and your waist smaller :)
Red is a beautiful color, it is passion, it is love, and it seriously gonna make you be noticed wherever you go. But many girls are afraid of it. It might look too aggressive if you don't use it properly, or it can be like if you were a walking bulb and make absolutely everybody look at you. If you don't like that last part, the best thing is to match it with different colors.
Some red details can make you look super classy and (sorry for repeating) full of life, without looking like an alien. It is very nice mixed with black (but again, it is a very strong combination, and not very cool for daylight), but with white it softens up.
And if you are not scared of crazy combinations, use some other colors as well, you will look amazing!

Light colors (as white or beige) cool down the strenght of red :)

Wanna add more colors? Try a touch of black ;) (you could also use it in your cardigan)

Remember I love big accessories, but with this outfit a tiny silver necklace would be also perfect.

Can't help it! Love colors and shine!

Boots in spring? Of course!!

Faux leather rules! Try a solid color (red, blue, yellow) they all rock!!

The hats are up to you, but I love them!!

Cotton top: Around 7 USD
Skirt: I got it on a sale for around 12 USD
Matching necklace and earings: Fantasy jewelry, really cheap
Hat: Primark (Many years ago, but was around 5 USD)
Boots: You already know them but I got them in a second hand market, seen before in:
Bag: Faux leather, under 12 USD

Make-up: L'Oréal and MAC

Hope it helps you create a cool outfit.

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