Friday, March 22, 2013

Let's continue with Monochrome

Although I never saw Mrs. Chanel wearing feathers I can't avoid it when I'm not wearing anything but black and white... maybe she would kill me, but still, I like to add an edgy touch.
It is not a dress, it is a top and a skirt and if you look carefully, the printing doesn't even match, but I suddently had the idea and I thought it would look cool, and at the end I got very pleased with my combination :)
Remember that sun-glasses (specially in sunny days) prevent early wrinkles and can make you look really cool :)
...but they don't look cool in interiors, someone might think that you lost the beach :p

Brown necklace and feathers, my touch of color to add some warmness to the outfit :)

Ultra long black boots! They are perfect with mini skirts or tight pants.

One of the new bags, faux leather. Don't you think it's cool?

Top: H&M (got it on sale, around 8 USD)
Skirt: H&M (not on sale, I sinned!!), around 13 USD
Belt: Chinese (really really cheap)
Necklace: Fantasy jewerly (also really cheap!!!)
Boots: A present from my mom... but were around 30 USD (no kidding!)
Bag: Handcrafted faux leather, was around 10 USD

Make-up: MAC

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