Saturday, March 30, 2013

Long and short

Hum, I wonder what they are looking at, over there...
After I'd been looking for a skirt that was long on the back and short on the front I got crazy when I saw this one and I got exactly the same model in different colors (I will show them to you soon). And you won't be able to believe the price!
After choosing the top of today (also black), I thought (as I always do) that if you don't do something a little bit crazy when you are wearing black (big accessories, ultra shiny shoes, a weird hair-do, whatever!) it might end up looking boring or too sober, and for an informal afternoon-night in the City, defo the least thing I want is to look boring (or sober, lol). After all, it is not a wedding, neither a job interview, or a formal dinner. So what to do about it? Animal print, of course! And my necklace inspired in a Miu-Miu collection.
During the afternoon it has been very hot, so the very thin fabric of the skirt is just perfect for it, and yet, with a cotton cardigan or hoodie (instead of a blazer) it keeps the informal look and you won't feel cold at all when it cools down.
I matched (or un-matched) a sporty hoodie with the rest of the outfit on purpose, not to look average, and yet very casual. And recently I've had a thing about super big accessories. I know that according to the fashion protocol (at least in the olden days) the necklace and earings would just not go with the shoes, but no one criticizes Anna Dello Russo or Daphe Guinness for their combinations, so, if I like it and I feel very comfy with it, I think I should just go for it and enjoy!!
Ah! by the way, 2 older ladies stopped me on the street today just to tell me that they loved my shoes and that they seemed super comfy!! Indeed they do! And the price? You'll find out later ;)

Could it be a UFO?

Maybe the aliens prefer my hair down :)

I guess I'll keep it this way, then!
And prepare my hoodie in case they kidnap me, I've heard it's cold over there!

I hope they don't take my necklace ;)

Or my earings!

Good I'm wearing flats in case I have to run from them ;)

Top: Around 5 USD
Skirt: (Including belt) Around 7 USD
Shoes: Around 30 USD
Earings: Fantasy jewelry
Necklace: Primark (I recognized it was inspired in Miu-Miu collection), don't remember the price
Bag: You know it already ;)
Hoodie: Got it on a second hand market for around 5 USD ;) 

Make-up: MAC

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