Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The power of the blue

Since I've been talking too much about monochrome, black, and the animal print, I decided today to use an average daily outfit to go like to the supermarket or something like that with color!!  Not classy, not perfect but still that talks about you (as I think clothes should). In these days is perfectly valid to make crazy combinations with colors, accesories, and things that 20 years ago people (specially fashionistas) would have consider a horror. But the horror would be not to create anything. Don't you think? About my make-up, I just used a foundation, eyeliner and mascara, and a touch of gloss on the lips. After the concert of yesterday I was really tired to put a huge effort but still I wanted to keep on experimenting.
So, here it is. I hope it brings you ideas. You can always look chic on a lazy day without too much effort :)
If I am using a lot of blue and white in this outfit, why not adding a touch of red to avoid looking boring or as if i was wearing some kind of uniform?

The day was not hot, not cold either, so I needed a very light cardigan. If it had been totally white, I would have looked like a doctor, hehe, so, a pearl white is perfect if your cardigan is long :)

What do you think about the massive earing with peacock feathers? I made it!!! :)

Let's keep it blue, couldn't miss the chance to wear this beautiful rock.

A red dragon. Maybe these are the only pantyhose that lasted over 2 years without breaking :p

Don't be afraid to use shoes with solid colors: they rule!!

Soooo... whithout sweater this is the outfit :)

You can always use super  comfy clothes and still look cool!!!

Top: Got it on an offer, around 7 USD
Sweater: Also was on a sale, and was around 10 USD
Earing: I made it
Necklace: Fantasy jewerly (under 8 USD)
Shorts: H&M (around 12 USD)
Shoes: Around 20 USD
Hose: They've been in my closet for ages
Make-up: MAC

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