Thursday, May 16, 2013

Special guest: Andrea, from Serbia, casual and chic :)

I had an awesome friend once from Serbia. I lived in Mexico by then but later on she moved to USA and we lost contact. However, she is one of the best friends I've ever had. Always spoiling me, telling me everything, so proud of me, and she always reminded me of how happy she was we were friends.
Honestly at the beginning I felt intimidated by her, she was so damn pretty, perfect body, perfect face, perfect style. She didn't need make up at all, and even if she was wearing jammies she looked absolutely hot.  But afterwards, when she stared opening herself, I found out not just a cute girl, but someone very sensitive, warm, and willing to give love to everyone who would receive it. That's my experience with Serbians so far, and I know probably I'll meet her some day again if that is our destiny :)
And I found Andrea a couple of days ago trying to find someone from Serbia, since I had no street stylers from there by then, and she (as my friend) is really beautiful, she is always smiling, and she seemed as nice as my friend when she immediately replied and supported my project. I love her style that is no pretentious, it is extremely casual, but with that smile and eyes, she makes everything look extremely chic!

Some pictures of beautiful Serbia :)

Serbia, amazing people!!

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  1. thank you for visiting my blog! Means the world to me… of course you can use my pictures... it will be an honor! let me know to see the post! following you now on GFC,Follow back and lets stay connected!
    Kisses from Miami


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