Friday, May 24, 2013

Black skirt with studs, outfit number 2: Boots

I've already had these pictures for a couple of days, but I was getting delayed posting the entries of the lovely girls that agreed to share them in this blog, and I don't wanna keep them waiting!
Anyway, if you remember, this was going to be a 4 outfits session of a black skirt with studs. I am not too good wearing studs so I had to break my head, but here I am, and I got very happy. This outfit is also black, but not rocker like the previous one, so I hope you like!

 This baby had nothing to do with the pictures, but she was walking on the street with her owner, and I couldn't avoid asking her for permission of a pickie with her. She is Luca :)

The skirt has been seen previously here: 
The necklace has been seen previously here:
and the earring has been seen previously here:

Make-up: Just eyeliner on eyes and eyebrows, and mascara, MAC

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