Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Special guest: Yulia from Ukraine, Magnetic girl and magnetic country!

 She  looks like a Greek goddess with that dress :)
When it is time to talk about Ukraine, everyone thinks immediately in Chernobyl. It was a real sad story but the Ukranians managed to recover from the disaster and they are better than ever.
Ukraine also had a very bad time during the WWII, but they recovered! So... there is one way I can describe Ukrainians: Strong!
They are defo fighters, strong people that won't give up and continue smiling and enjoying life... and that's a big thing to admire. Sometimes, after silly stupid things I end up sad for 3 days. My grandma (that was polish) hated that I could get sad so easily when there are so many nice things to appreciate in life: your health, the people that loves you, your job, everything!
I was making some research of this beautiful country, and besides Kiev, the capital, that everybody should know (including me), there is a beautiful beach called Yalta, that is described as a mixture between the French Riviera and California! Could it be better?
Ukrainian girls are hot, always smiling, strong, and lovely! As Yulia! She has a blog with beautiful pictures and I totally love she is always smiling, she transforms every moment of her life in a moment of joy!! , check it out!!
And here she is!!

 Why is her hair so perfect?? :)

 I love the bracelets and the tattoo!!

I didn't understand if this happy dog was hers or just a guest in the park, but since pets have a very important role in this blog, I had to add him!
Thank you so much for letting me use your pictures, Yulia!!

 Yalta, Ukraine

Yalta, Ukraine

Ukraine: Strong and happy people! 


  1. Thank you very much! I love the way you discribed the Ukraine!
    Good luck!))

    1. I'm really happy you liked it. For some reason I can't click "Follow" on your blog, but I will try again later. I hope you do the same and Keep in touch! I love all your pictures!


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