Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Special guest: Vanesa and Argentina are stylish

 I would have never thought about green and pinkish purple together, but this outfit rocks!
She is cute, she is stylish, she is sweet, she has an awesome smile and I love the way she dresses. She uses very classical garments, but she adds her very personal twist that I love, and she never looks boring! She has given me many ideas for my future outfits, and I love her messy hair. It is not messy at all, it is the messy trend that takes for ever to create and looks super cool!
I've already spoke a lot about Argentina, but I must add: I love Argentinians!! Always smart, warm, and cute as Vanesa! And well, I must repeat, I'm dying to know Buenos Aires, Patagonia and Bariloche, to mention a few!
She has a blog with very cool pictures! I hope you like it!!
I love that she is always smiling!
 As I said: She is always smiling!

I love this pic!

I added a close-up coz she is really pretty!
Thank you Vanesa!!

Buenos Aires

Love Argentina!!