Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Special guest: Gorgeous Georgina, from Bahrain

Yay!! First collaboration from Bahrain!! I am so happy. I found lovely Georgina after a while because I didn't know how to search for Bahrain fashion bloggers. But I did and I got an answer almost right away! Georgina has a very special blog because she doesn't talk just about fashion, but shopping, restaurants, stores, people, healthy food, everything a girl would like! She talks about her favorite brands and she pays a lot of attention to little details. The pictures of food or shoes that she has taken are fabulous!
And besides that she is very, very pretty, stylish and always chic!
She doesn't say where she is from, but she has been in Bahrain since 1998 and she has the cutest dog ever! ( I know I always say that, but I can't help it!!!)
Check her link, it is really cool!! http://www.blondeinbahrain.com
Thank you so much, Georgina!!

She doesn't have many pictures wearing the same outfit, so I choosed a couple and I love them all!

And here is Mai!
I am dying to hold her!!

Beautiful picture of Bahrain

Bahrain: Super chic!

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