Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Special guest: Noelia and Costa Rica, Ecotourism at its best!

 Long, long legs! I am soooo jealous :)
Monteverde is the biggest rain-forest region in Costa Rica, it is protected and it is world's heritage because of it is importance for the planet. Brings a lot of rain, the animals living there are super happy, protected and some of them are not found anywhere else!! Costa Rica is famous for its beautiful natural landscapes, flora, fauna, rain, and of course, the people! Always nice and friendly, and they have a lot of planet conservation education! We should all learn that from them! The tamandu and the spider monkey just live in Costa Rica, and they have a bloody delicious veggie, alike potato called yuca, it was a pain in the ass to get it in Mexico, but defo they didn't lie, it is delicious!! Generally they boil it a little bit and put it in the oven in pieces with some condiments... you really gotta try it!
Well, Noelia is a beautiful Cost Rican girl that has a blog where nature is a very important part. http://vidadecoloresbynoelia.blogspot.com , you should check it out! It is super cool. And I love her style! Not pretencious at all, and ready for the rainforest in any moment! She is very thin but curvy and she has the most long legs ever! If I had legs like that I woudln't need heels at all!
She is sweet and she was very supportive since the beginning. I hope you like!

 With the pink she looks so sweet!

 I love her hair do!!

 She has the most beautiful nose ever, and big, big eyes!! Do you notice she is not wearing any make up? WOW!

Flats!! You don't need anything else in a rainy country and with those legs!

Actually now I can see it was raining! Love the color!

 Spider monkey, typical from Costa Rica rainforest!

 Osito melero, I don't kow how to translate it but it is so cute!!!

Sloth, perhaps the funniest animal! Have you ever seen them move? :D

 Poison dart frog. It is beautiful, but if you ever see one, DON'T TOUCH IT, under any situation. It is super dangerous!!
Thank you so much, Noelia!!

Costa Rica: World heritage and natural beauty :)

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