Saturday, May 11, 2013

Special guest: Marina, from astonishing Bulgaria

 I love the cut.
Bulgaria is one of the oldest countries in Europe, and has a world heritage in historic monuments, compared to Greece :) . And according to my research, the Bulgarian wine is amazing! Bulgaria was one of the only two Countries that protected their Jewish population during the WWII (with Denmark), isn't that amazing?
They have amazing skiing, sea resorts, great night life. Great shopping, dining, amazing landscapes and lovely people! Excellent opera and ballet, and I found out that the wrist watch was created by a Bulgarian :)
Engineers, and great technology in computers, make this country quite updated and ready to rock! I can't wait to go.
And here is Marina, with exotic green big eyes, beautiful body, and a very particular and cool style. She uses classy garments, but somehow she manages to make them look very sexy! I love that. She is very sexy but still classy and chic, and she keeps her uniqueness in every single outfit I saw her wearing. Here is her ulr: you should really check it out :)
She uses amazing accessories! Here she is: Beautiful Marina.
I chose this outfit because we haven't seen many jumpsuits in this blog and I think this one rocks, and she customized her bra! She has a tutorial in her blog that I might follow one of these days!
Thank you very much, Marina :)
The semi exposed bra adds a very sexy essence to the outfit. She mixes the innocence of the pink with the sexiness of underwear.
Have you checked her earring? It is fantastic.

Love it!

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Vitosha mountain

Bulgaria: Astonishing land 

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