Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A touch of Goth and horror tales


 Let's face it. I am a good person, some might even say boring. I don't use drugs, I am a social smoker and drinker, never go out or talk with strangers, and I am dedicated to my friends and family. Had never wish anything bad to anybody (except those bas...rds who hurt children and animals on purpose), and I consider myself a hard working person. I also like exercise... So I don't have any (recent) wild adventures to tell, but
perhaps the fact that I am good... makes me totally crazy about horror! I love horror movies, tales, books, creepypastas (sad but true) and anything related to ANY KIND of horror!
So, today I found some super short horror stories that caused me chills and I loved them. I pasted some at the end of my entry with the link to the site where the rest are :)
And about my outfit... well... Gothic memories... That's why I thought about something horror related, although it is not Halloween. Happy frights to everyone!

Some ultra short horror stories:
(From: , if you want the rest, click on the link, some gave me chills because I've been in situations alike!!!)

 I think they are awesome. I read all the ones on the page like 10 times!!
Have you ever felt something alike?
What is the Horror Movie that has scared you the most???

Outfit details:
Tights: Vintage
Top: Vintage
Dress used as skirt: Vintage

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