Monday, March 17, 2014

Special guest: Dark can be fun, meet Awesome Raissa (USA)

Have you ever been tagged as glamorous, funky, weird, dark, extravagant, crazy, or something like that for the way you dress? Or have you ever seen someone in a bar, club or on the street wearing something so weird but at the same time so cool that you wish you were brave enough to go out like that? Well... I was like that in my early teens, but with the time I discovered that is so much fun wearing what you want (because that is who you are) that is no reason to be frightened... let them think whatever they want. And I think that my beautiful and astonishing special guest of today agrees: She is extravagant (and I mean it as a compliment, as always) Raissa, from my beloved USA! (I can't wait to go back!!)
She refers to herself as a Mexican Style enthusiast (and I find some reminiscences to Frida Kahlo in her wardrobe), and she refers to her style as dark and humorous. I cannot agree more. She has dark influences, indeed, but instead of trying to be so be too pretentious or too "vamp", she adds in ALL of her outfits a funny touch. You gotta love this. Silver shoes, funny hose, vintage glasses, green lips, blue lips, something in a super solid color. If you meet this girl on the street, you are gonna immediately look at her! Maybe (just maybe) at the beginning you will think "what the heck...?" but as long as you keep staring you will say "what am I thinking?? She looks great!". The moral of this fable (just as in my last post) is: Be whoever you wanna be. Dress whatever you wanna dress. If you are loyal to yourself you'll look fabulous!
Visit her blog:
Thank you so much! Raissa!

And this is her lovely Chihuahua, her name is Boots :)

♥♥ USA ♥♥

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