Friday, March 14, 2014

Special guest: Stylish Maja from Poland

Well, you might know by now that I am part Polish. I have never been in Poland though but in my trips I've met few Polish people and they are absolutely lovely. They are also fighters. During and after the SWW they had gone through so many things and they are still smiling and facing life with all the possible energy. That's the spirit!!
And today I am gonna introduce you to my delightful friend Maja. And yes, she is Polish!
And her style inspires me to talk too much about fashion... but I am gonna try to make it short.
Have you ever felt that your style doesn't fit anywhere in the fashion world? Like, you go to a nightclub and all the girls are wearing a little black dress and black heels and that's it while you are using shiny colors, perhaps leather shorts, and a big, big golden necklace? Or sideways... while your style is quite minimalistic everybody seems to use loads of accessories and you feel you are missing something in your outfit?
You are too sober and your friends like grunge clothes... or you wanna be edgy but your friends are preppy? and on... and on? (continues under the picture)
Well... be yourself!! There are no codes in fashion. And actually if you are doing it fine you are gonna STAND OUT because fashion is the best way to express who you are without talking (or painting or writing... I am talking about a person to person meeting). There are many fashion divas that have different styles and they all rule.
Catherine Baba is baroque, Michelle Harper is edgy, Miroslava Duma is eclectic, Olivia Palermo is preppy, Taylor Tomassi-Hill is minimalist, but they all have one thing in common: They stand out and they are not scared to wear whatever they wanna wear, and that is why I love Maja's style, she is totally crazy!! (And I mean it as a compliment). She will just wear whatever she wants and make her outfit rock!
And that is exactly why I chose this outfit (and a picture of a winter one)... because if I saw this skirt on a show-window I would probably have thought it was awesome... for a theater show... but it comes out that she looks like a magazine cover model and she made with it a fabulous outfit!
And the winter one... well.... green hat... like... green? But she made it rock!!! If you wanna see more of what I call baroque style (again, as a compliment) you defo have to visit her blog!!! I love it!!
Thank you so much, Maja!!

♥♥ Poland ♥♥

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