Sunday, March 2, 2014

I am back!!

Took me forever! But I recovered my Google+ account. I honestly don't know what happened because in the only notification I received, it said that I broke the policies, which I didn't! So, I am sorry for the lack of comments but I read all your comments and support and I appreciate them a lot! Now I am back to check the beautiful fashion blogs from all my followers and some others, and now I can comment them (and comment back, if you comment in my blog, of course), and I am ready to rock.
I celebrate in black and here I am. I hope you like the outfit.
Still, since I am in a lot of things now (mainly good), I am not gonna be able to post every day, but the dynamic of the blog, with my outfits, special guests from all over the world and some makeup and beauty post will continue.
It was beautiful to notice that although I didn't make any entry in some weeks I still have a lot of visits. Thank you all!! ♥♥

Outfit details:
 High stockings: Vintage

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