Monday, March 3, 2014

Special guest: Ana from Portugal, casual and chic

 And now that finally the old dynamic of my blog is back, with my outfits, beauty and my lovely special guests, today is the turn to introduce beautiful Ana, from Portugal. I love all the people I've featured from Portugal. They all are entirely different, but each one has a great and very unique style, and they are always energetic and cheerful. Just as Ana.
If your thing is to be casual, with a grunge touch (just a touch), but still look chic, her blog is the perfect place for you to visit. Weird but cool combinations, tartan, zippers, broken jeans (like these ones), boy pants, texture mixing, big boots. Everything to make an urban outfit rock. And also, I totally love the name of her blog, here is the url:
The reason why I picked this outfit, is because I have already established that a stripes top is a must in our closet, and although I would never wear it with jeans (since I hate using them), Ana looks fabulous!
And also because I am not a big fan of urban-grunge fashion, but that doesn't mean it is not cool. I think it is awesome if you know how to put the pieces together, and if you don't, you certainly can find some inspiration in Ana's blog.
Thank you so much, Ana!

♥ Portugal ♥

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