Saturday, March 29, 2014

Special guest: Anngelik, USA, girly girl!

Today, I'm gonna introduce you with Anngelik (Lovely name!), from the USA. Her style is quite different to mine but I totally love it. She is into heels and dresses a lot, and also quite minimalist, and her beautiful brown hair always down, making her look soft, girly and sweet. Her style goes perfectly with her personality and looks, since she is as well girly, and with quite a sweet face, and her blog is the perfect place to visit these days that the heat is coming up and if you need some dress (and heels) ideas. We never have enough dresses, and the options she gives you are all beautiful, since she really knows how to choose! But don't think dresses is all she uses, of course not. Her blog is full of awesome outfits.

The reason why I chose this one is because I never use crochet. Never ever... it makes me feel like if I was 60 years old! And I got quite impressed when I saw her using burgundy heels (burgundy and red??? She made it work beautifully!) and choosing a crochet dress with the right cut and color, can certainly make you look as beautiful as she does. I still don't know if I would dare but one thing is certain: She looks stunning.
Here is her blog (love the name as well!):
Thank you so much, Anngelik!

♥♥ USA ♥♥

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