Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Special guest: Jeannie, from Canada, preppy and chic

The weather is changing! We were freezing last month and now the weather got totally nuts and I feel I live inside a bakery oven. However, sometimes the nights are chilly and it is good to have something warm handy (not winter warm, but warm enough). And for those nights, when we need to mix an outfit that can be both fresh and warm if we need. That's when we need something like a nice jacket, cape, coat, blazer, that matches our outfit, and that's why I chose this lovely example from Jeannie, from Canada. My lovely special guest of today. Under the coat her outfit is not that warm, and I loved as well that the pictures were taken on the snow at night. So nice!
Remember: If you wanna soften a little bit the contrast between pink and black, add a grey. You'll look sensational, just like Jeannie. 
Pretty, stylish and ready to rock. She mixes a very innocent preppy look with an edgy touch (you all know how I am crazy about edgy) like boots, tartan, beanies, and on and on. I am crazy about her style. Very urban, chic and unique. As you might remember, recently I've been crazy about pink as well, so I totally got crazy about her coat, and the high stockings make her look perfect!  Here is her blog: http://www.leftinpink.blogspot.ca I hope you like it as much as I do!
Thank you so much, Jeannie, you are stunning!

♥♥ Canada ♥♥

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