Friday, May 3, 2013

Special guest: A stunning girl from India, Roxanne

I remember that since I was a kid and I watched Miss Universe, I was always impressed by the beauty of the girls of India. They have gorgeous eyes, amazing cheek-bones and beautiful hair. All their looks are mysterious and elegant, and the clothes they used was amazing! Then I moved to Cancun some years ago and I met some girls from the same country and they are even prettier in person!
Besides that India is a land of mystery, history, and architectural beauty very hard to describe. I can't wait to go!
And beauty is the case (what a surprise!!) of Roxanne. I found her blog not long ago and she allowed me to use her pictures. Her accessories, clothes, hair, face, everything are amazing!
Thank you Roxanne!

I want that necklace!!!
Jewelry from India is incredible!!
Here is the link of her blog! :)

India: Land of mystery :)

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