Monday, May 6, 2013

Special guest from Argentina: The Edge of the World and Lala

I love the cut of her jeans!
I've always wanted to visit the Patagonia, or to ski at Bariloche. Eat the delicious meat they make over there, or just have an awesome bohemian afternoon in Buenos Aires. Argentinians are deep thinkers, great chatters, and awesome musicians. I love Kevin Johansen, and Los Fabulosos Cadillacs! There is an Argentinean movie that I absolutely love called Nueve Reinas (Nine Queens): and another, a little bit older but still awesome is Martin H :) You really should watch them. I'm sure they are available with subtitles since they were a big success!
Argentinians are crazy about Football (and who wouldn't, if Maradona had been born in your country), care about history (Che Guevara was Argentinean), and who hasn't heard about Eva Peron? :)
And well, Argentinean girls are smart, beautiful, stylish, with sweet manners and really good friends. I've met some during my life and they are really cool!!
Lala is very Argentinean in the sense of being beautiful, stylish and sweet. I love her beautiful endless hair :)
She also has a blog, check it out!
Thank you for letting me use your pictures, Lala!! You are beautiful!
 Don't you think the bag is lovely??

 What a beautiful place for a photo session!

 Just beautiful!

I want those sunglasses that bad!!

I need to go to Patagonia!!

Argentina: Land of arts, football and fashion!!