Monday, May 6, 2013

Special guest: Bernadette and fabulous Indonesia

 A natural born model :)
Exotic fauna, beautiful beaches, temples, history, ancient lands. Jakarta is a political and cultural center, with one of the best shopping areas in South East Asia, with beautiful parks, architecture, and stores :)
I've been stunned just looking at all kind of pictures of Indonesia, from small cities or beaches to the most cosmopolitan city (Jakarta), and each place is even better than the other. I've read that one of the biggest and most impressive malls is Plaza Indonesia, that features all kinds of shops: restaurants, apparel, accessories, gifts, home, souvenirs, and besides the mall, Indonesia has museums (including the puppet museum), parks,  mosques... everything for all the people that like to see as many things as possible, as me!
Defo the place is a must!
Bernadette is as cosmopolitan and chic as Jakarta sounds. She has beautiful (really beautiful) Asian features and she wears the most amazing glasses that frame her awesome eyes, and they give her a mysterious intellectual look I totally love. She is really stylish, unique, and has an incredible strong personality that you can admire in her pictures! Here is her blog:
I think she really likes red because she uses it a lot in her clothes, and it looks fabulous on her! Enjoy!
And thank you for letting me use your pickies, Bernadette! You are stunning!
Love the belt! Wait! her hair has two tones as well! Am I the only one missing??

 Gorgeous necklace!

I love her glasses!

Red shoes rock!!

 Hindu temple

 Bali :)

Puppet museum in Jakarta

Indonesia: Fabulous and chic


  1. Hi Dharia! Welcome and thank you so much ;) But, you misspell my name, it's Bernadette. Thanks and good luck! :)


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