Saturday, May 4, 2013

Special guest: Caelia, The Scandinavian Dream, Finland

I've been in Norway, Denmark and passed Sweden on a ferry, but I have never been in Finland. However, while in Norway, I've met a couple of Finnish persons and I really like them! They are all nice, warm and really cool!
I can't wait to go! 
She is Caelia: beautiful, stylish, and she uses FAKE FUR! Kudos!!! The "fur" looks amazing but I am totally against the animal killing just because it looks cool. So, the best option, for me, is faux (fake, in french). 
She also has a blog and I totally love her style, check it out! :)

Faux fur!! I love it! I could never use fur but fake fur is awesome!!

Olavinlinna Castle, Finland. Isn't it wonderful? Looks like the scenery of a fairy tale!

Finland, Magic country!