Saturday, May 4, 2013

Special guest: Caelia, The Scandinavian Dream, Finland

I've been in Norway, Denmark and passed Sweden on a ferry, but I have never been in Finland. However, while in Norway, I've met a couple of Finnish persons and I really like them! They are all nice, warm and really cool!
I can't wait to go! 
She is Caelia: beautiful, stylish, and she uses FAKE FUR! Kudos!!! The "fur" looks amazing but I am totally against the animal killing just because it looks cool. So, the best option, for me, is faux (fake, in french). 
She also has a blog and I totally love her style, check it out! :)

Faux fur!! I love it! I could never use fur but fake fur is awesome!!

Olavinlinna Castle, Finland. Isn't it wonderful? Looks like the scenery of a fairy tale!

Finland, Magic country!


  1. Hi dear, thanks for stopping by our blog. Yeah you can use our picture and leave us the link when you do so we can check it out.:-):-)
    I love the fur.
    Lots of kisses from KENYA

  2. You are also free to use my pictures :) Besos!

  3. Thanks for the feature, sweetie!

    By the way, that Olavinlinna castle in the picture is only few kilometers away from where my mother was born. We have our summer cottage there, and I visit that castle almost every summer :)

    1. OMG!! you're so lucky! I hope to go one day! And thank you for the pics!! Keep in touch :)


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