Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Special guest: From Guatemala with beauty!

She is Diana. A very beautiful Guatemalan girl with the skin tone we allways want, like naturally suntanned and an amazing smile!! She let me use her pictures and I couldn't wait to share them any more. She has the perfect secret to use golden jewelry (in case that you're scared of gold, or of shinning too much) but to know it you will have to see her blog!
 I want her shoes so bad!!

 And the bag!

This is a really nice smile!

I defo have to visit Guatemala! 


  1. Hi dear! :) great idea! I would love to be here as a blogger "representing" czech republic :) feel free to use my photos :) just use the nice one :D :) Hope you will also followe me via GFC and I will follow you back! :) kisse, B.

  2. thanks dear!!!! this is a great post, I Loved it, the way you talk about me is like wow! Thank you, thanks you, thank you and double thank you!!!!! Feel free to be parto of my ethnic season project, here is the link: or, I would love you to be part of my guests, you can read more about it here:
    I´ll share this post in all my socials, hope you don´t mind =)
    we also should follow each other in facebook and gfc, what do you think?
    kisses and hugs for you from Guatemala!!!!

    1. I would love to participate! I tried to add you to google+ but i was not lucky you can either like my fb page or add me in google+


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