Thursday, May 2, 2013

Special guest: Klara, The Beauty and the Green Dress from Czech Republic

 I love the necklace!
For mortals like me when I see beauties as Klara I think life is not fair: perfect eyes, perfect lips, perfect nose, perfect smile, and even perfect body!! I have to make loads of excersise, take care of my diet, and use a lot of make up to hide my eye bags! So I just have to feel happy for her and brag that she let me use her pickies in this blog, just as all the other beautiful girls, I feel so proud!!!
I never liked green but in her it looks stunning! And honestly I don't think I've ever dared to use that color on my shoes, but I totally love the combination! It is inspiring and that's what this blog is about. Find new combinations, outfit ideas, exchange points of view about fashion, all kinds of styles. Hurray clothes!
Girls from all over the world inspiring each other!
She has a blog too and you should check her outfits. She really knows how to dress: :)
 Said it before: perfect face!

 I might get an ultra solid color pair of shoes as well!

The perfect clutch!

Thanks so much for letting me use your pickies, Klara, you are beautiful!
Are all the girls from the Czech Republic beautiful?
Love this country!

Barbora is also from the Czech Republic and she is just as beautiful!!  You can see her here:


  1. Thank you so much! :-***

  2. Noo! Thanks to you! I am following your blog right now and I added you in google + I hope we become friends and I'm gonna be very aware of your outfits. Love them all! :)


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