Thursday, May 2, 2013

Special guest: Minela, Great style from Bosnia & Herzegovina!!

 The leggins and the coat are fabulous!
We have had an adorable girl from Bosnia & Herzegovina: Minela. The girls in that area of Europe are so lovely that it is never enough! And they are all so different. That's what I love! Some are edgy and risky, and Minela, classy and elegant! She is so beautiful and with a style that talks on their own that I cannot feel more than proud for them allowing me to use their pictures!
Here is Minela:
 Gotta love the necklace and the sunglasses!

 Here she is without the coat and that Zara dress is just amazing!

Croatia's got the elegance!


  1. Oh dear, great post, i like it ;)
    ...little change...I'm from Bosnia and Herzegovina ;)

  2. Hi huny.
    I love your post about Croatia.
    You are welcome to use the pics you need on my blog to do a South Africa post.
    Once you've done it let me know so I can direct my traffic your way :)

    Thanks for the visit.


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