Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Yellow and green!

 I think I'm gonna die my hair tips in a darker color this week :)
Today's outfit was taken yesterday, hehehe, but I didn't have time to upload it, since I love reading the blogs of all the girls that have agreed to share their pictures with me. I can't help it! They are all so smart and sensitive, and there is always something I really like in their blogs. I am coloring the countries of my readers in a map in photoshop that started white, because I have more fun that way that just adding the flags application. It is almost full! Looks so cute in purple :)
Anyway here is the outfit of today. Wasn't very creative, I must add, because this is a crazy season in my mother's house in Mexico, that is where my bf and I are for the moment. Everything is going on in here. There have been two robberies in the building where we are in the last month, and they tried to break in another apartment. The worrying part is that it is just seven apartments so I pray that they don't try to rob each one. We have had to change locks, call the police, and all the security precautions you gotta take. Mexico City is beautiful but since it is so big, there is also a lot of crime :( .
However, in this house of crazy people, we all are kinda freaked out, but fine, and we are fighters!! :)

 I don't like green (on me) but I wanted to add a touch to an outfit that otherwise would have been too simple.

The top has been seen previously here: 
The boots (that I folded) have been seen previously here: http://dhariascloset.blogspot.mx/2013/03/rock-chic.html
The necklace and earings have been seen previously here: http://dhariascloset.blogspot.mx/2013/03/sailor-with-touch-of-color.html
And the vest belongs to my mom, and it has been in her closet for ages!

The make up is MAC :) for a nice dinner outside :)
Smokey, but not that smokey :)


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