Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Special guest: Savina, Incredible style from Greece

One of the countries I had the chance to visit and that I absolutely loved was Greece! They have so much of the latin style: cheery, loud (in a nice way), chatty, warm, and they are always willing to help and become friends with you. I felt at home!!
The name of this beautiful girl is Savina. She looks very Greek to me :), she is slim, with a long neck and beautiful eyebrows (all a girl wants!!)

I never thought about mixing a denim jacket with a black night mini.skirt but it looks amazing! And the pink bag is just the perfect complement!

Thnx for letting me use your picture, Savina, you are beautiful!
Here is the link of Savina's blog if you wanna check it out!

And here are two pics of me on my trip to Greece in 2009. I know I know, I wont ever have my hair that short again :p
 This is me with the Acropolis behind.

This is me in Patras with my teddy fox that always travels with me.
This is me on top of the Parthenon.

Greece, only cool people!

Thnx to my greek friends Grigori and Chrisoula for receiving me as part of the family!!