Saturday, May 4, 2013

The 1001 faces of a Leopard and my special guests!!

 As everybody knows, I loooove the animal print, and after checking the pictures of my beautiful readers, I am becomming more adventurous in my outfits. I would have never mixed 3 prints (even if they are all leopard) a couple of months ago!
Hi girls!!
First, I wanna thank to all of you for the awesome response of my project to have girls from all over the world showing her different styles and personalities!
Honestly at the beginning I thought it was gonna be super hard, but it is becomming one of the best experiences of my life!
 All the girls that have agreed to share their pics here are beautiful and I LOVE they are all so different.
Each one has a unique beauty and a very personal style, a different body, height, hair color, eyes, lip shape, and all those things make them all special and authentic in very specific ways. I love that us humans are so different and yet so alike!
 Many people think that girls that love fashion are shallow and empty (they have called me superficial a lot)  but in this experience I have been taking my time to read the blogs by all of them (even if google translate sucks sometimes), and they all have really nice things to say about the world, their friends, themselves, and a very proper perspective of the world. They are all smart and sweet and wanna say something!
Fashion put us all together, but we do the rest!
So far I have had collaborations from Marie (Panama), Malikaa (Morocco), Charly (Germany), Busi (South Africa), Roxanne (India), Minela (Bosnia & Herzegovina), Analy (Peru), Klara and Barbora (Czech Republic), Sonja (Croatia), Diana (Guatemala), Natalie (Canada), Piia (Estonia), Lara (Ireland), Youlia (Japan), Charlotte (Belgium), Savina (Greece), Theri (Austria), Deea Ella (Romania), Timbo (Slovakia), Elena (Russia), Coco (Turkey), Marta (Poland), Diana (Singapore), Kat (Philippines), and my friends from Mexico: Leuman, Zael, Ceniza, Ana and Erika!
Readers from 56 countries, and many lovely girls that have agreed to share their pictures here from other awesome countries, but I haven't had the time to upload them! I will as soon as I can, promise! :)
I've been reading a lot about all the countries, and each one has a story to tell, something that makes them special, to all of them!!
So, thanks again for all your support and for being here and making this blog grow bigger every day!!
And well, enough emotion :p. Let me share my outfit of today!

 With hat and bag.

 A little variation with a jacket.

 No hat, no jacket (yes! I have a new hair color!!)

And hair cut!

The hat has been seen previously here:
and the bag has been seen previously here:
the skirt was 4 USD in a market ;)

Make-up: MAC

So, I swear I'm gonna post more pics of beautiful girls after I wake up from my "beauty" sleep :)


  1. Hi! I read your comment and I say yes, you can use my photos, but only if you put link to my blog which is visible. Thank you and will wait to see the post!

    Have a grat weekend!


  2. Hi sweetie! Thanks for visiting my blog and for your nice comment. I really like your blog, now following :)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Hello, Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. Of course you can use my pictures for your blog post. If you could link it to my blog and please, send me the link when you posted. :)


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