Monday, May 6, 2013

Special guest from Venezuela: María Lucía has passion!!

 Stripes are taking a main role in fashion this year! I love it!
I was in Venezuela almost 5 years ago, in Barquisimeto, Caracas and all Santa Rosa area. It is beautiful!!
But besides all the amazing things I saw, the people I met were priceless! They are perhaps the friendliest people I know! Warm, chatty and all they want is make you feel at home. I just got there and they invited me to a rumba (party) far away, where I found a street kitty and since I couldn't take him back home, they decided to keep it and name it after me: Dhario :) , he was a very sweet cat! I hope he is doing fine!
Venezuelans love to party, really know how to dance and love arts! I went for a theater congress and I had one of the most beautiful trips in my life! I would never end the list of friends I made there but I just want to tell to all of them that they are in my heart.
And what is the thing that identifies Venezuelans the most? Passion!! Everything they do is with passion: dancing, chatting, acting, painting, teaching... everything!! If a Venezuelan wants to impress you, surely he or she will!
And well, we all know they have beautiful girls! They always end up finalists in the beauty contests.
Certainly María Lucía is no exception! She is gorgeous!!
She has a blog that you should check out! She is so cute and so stylish!
Thank you for letting me use your pictures, Luci :)
 She has an amazing body! Love the denim vest!

Kilometric legs!

I want her shoes!!!

 This is the first view I had from Venezuela (Caracas Airport)

 This is a kitty that lived in the hotel I stayed in Barquisimeto with his mom :)

This is Dhario, he looks big coz the pic is too close but he was very tiny and he was sleeping on my lap before I managed that one of my friends adopted him :)

This is me in the handcrafts market :)


With my friends of Barquisimeto playing Charlie's Angels after the theater congress :D

Venezuela has passion!!!

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