Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I have never been good at keeping necklaces, earings, rings and bracelets in boxes (even if the boxes are pretty). I always mix up earings with necklaces, and never know where I left anything and I even missplace the boxes. Also, since some pieces (even if they are cheap) are so pretty, I thought that would be a waste to hide them in boxes. So I decided to give my wall some fashion-life, and arranged them on the wall!! I love to see them. They are not as many as I would like, but still I love to see them. They are my very personal giant poster. So, I hope one day they take the whole wall!. The only thing is that since they do look so pretty, when girlfriends come to my place, ask me if I sell any of them, and I don't  ;) .

Since I love black, I try that my accessories always have a touch of color, so when I dress totally in black, my shoes, accessories and/or bag give some life to my outfit.

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