Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Animal Print

 Afternoon in the Mall :)
Many designers like Cavalli love the animal print. Just as me!! However, I don't wanna use real leather in my clothes or shoes because I love animals. So this outfit was with snake print shoes and bag, and to make it better I added a snake necklace! I love it.
I always think that fashion has to have your own interpretation and to be a little bit edgy :)

 Snake around my neck (Replica of high fashion jewerly)

Snake Print Shoes (faux, obviously) :) , I like snakes

Blouse second hand market
Skirt: Got it on SALE in a mall (also really cheap)
Belt: chinese (really cheap)
Snake: replica of Dior Jewerly (mine incredibly cheap)
Shoes: I got them in the mall :S my bad...
Make up: MAC

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