Saturday, March 23, 2013

For those who speak spanish , a blog recommendation

I have a friend that has an awesome blog about sex but not in a dirty way, but  very logic and specially good for teenagers, that don't know where it all starts and it all ends. You can send her questions, leave comments in an anonymous way, and ask her all kind of questions about deceases, psychology, control, all kinds of things! so, try it, and if you don't speak spanish, the manga images she uses are really cool! (I have to confess it, I love manga! I can spend hours and hours in ) And if that was not enough, she also loves talking about books and movies, but easy to read and to watch. Don't missuderstand me, I love director-films (art, cult, director, weird, however you wanna call it), but let's face it, they are sometimes slow and some other times there is the chance you wont understand a Anyway, they are not for everyone. And about books, happens the same, it is not the same reading Asimov than Rowling... sad but true, or Kundera tha Exupery.  However, if someone encourages me, I'm gonna make some special entries about my favorite movies if you encourage me girls/boys!!

Here it is the blog of my friend:

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