Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sailor with a touch of color

This day I was thinking about Chanel and her passion for monochrome (black and white), and although I absolutely love the combination, for an afternoon outside, I consider it extremelly classy. So, I decided to add a touch of color with belt and bag in matching browns, and with a dark red baret. I also thought after seing my wall of accesories that the necklace type necktie would add an edgy touch, since I don't remember Mrs. Chanel ever wearing feathers :p.
So, here it is, hope you like it girls :)
Stripes dress, I also saw Alexa Chung wearing one alike this in a magazine, and even though I've never been a passionate for stripes, after seeing her picture, I thought I would give it a try. She looked like a very cute sailor.
 The sweater was for later, since it was getting chilly :)

Necktie-alike necklace. I thought it could match the sailor remembrance outfit. Saw it in a mall and thought "I gotta have it". Feathers, faux leather, black tiny chains and painted glass, was a very special piece :).

You always have to have a brown bag in your closet. Matches with practically anything!!

Not too high, heels. Perfect for walking!

Dress: Basics H&M (Under 20 USD)
Sweater: Got it on a sale in H&M (was less than 5 USD, no kidding)
Necklace: Fantasy jewerly (as always), and even though was cheap I got it on a sale!!
Bag: Also got it on sale in H&M for under 20 USD
Shoes: A courtesy of my lovely mother in law, Jenny :)
Baret: On a sale!!! Something around 5 UD

Make-up: MAC (today I added a little bit of drama to the eyes)

Good news! Today I found a factory that makes awesome bags and sell them in stunning prices. I'm gonna get a couple and think what to wear them with :)

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