Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fashion Idols

We always have fashion idols, and since the "it girl" furor came back, we are saturated of style queens. They are all beautiful, powerful, stylish, edgy and everything a girl would want. But still, sometimes the idea of "it girls" is too far away for mortals that can't afford Vouitton, Cavalli or Etro, or spend 2,000 USD in a pair of shoes. Still, the girls I picked (in this occasion) make the fashion look easy and have (for me) something special.
Olivia Palermo
Socialité in NY. She inspired Gossip Girl. Still, she has latin roots (as me), and her combinations, even though if they are super pricy, are easy and relaxed and she has given me a lot of ideas for my outfits :) . I always love her hair style.
Hanneli Mustaparta
Former model and now blogger, she is one of the best dressed in the fashion industry. She is beautiful and always has a super natural look. She is Norwegian and that means a lot to me since I've spent a lot of time in Norway with my boyfriend, and she mixes hi and low brands! Such as Etro and maybe H&M on the same outfit. She always has an idea to give to me :).

Florence Welch
(from Florence & the Machine)
Ok... she is one of the muses of Karl Lagerfeld, and I don't remember I've ever seen her with low budget clothes, but still, the way she wears them and all her outfits are awesome!! And I also have a thing for red hair :)

Kate Moss
Fashion is divided in before and after Kate Moss. Honestly I think women should have curves, and I've always found her extremelly skinny, but her face is really special and she became iconic for her edgy and risky style. After she tries an outfit once, then it goes inmediately to history :)

Lovely, beautiful and stylish: Miroslava Duma

And finally: Daphne Guinness, she is my favorite of all time! I love her!

If you didn't know any of these girls probably you should keep an eye on them !

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