Sunday, March 31, 2013

How to apply foundation perfectly

Believe it or not, I know many girls that refuse to use foundation. They say that the skin looks fake and with an ugly texture. Is that true? Absolutely not! But if you don't apply it correctly, of course you might end up looking bad. The idea of make-up is to bring out your beauty (even more), and make you feel prettier!
So, if you haven't succeeded applying your foundation, or the texture of the skin looks either greasy or dry, or with little make up spots here and there, probably you are doing something wrong.
Although my skin is considered "perfect" by a dermatologist (no zits, no black spots, no dry skin, no grease), the truth is that even though men love to say how much they like the natural look, if you are over 25 years old, the "natural" look shows eyebags, the eyelids tired and the skin is not nearly as shiny as before the 20 years old. So to get the "natural" look, we also wanna look fresh, and with the skin juicy.
Is that possible? Of course!!
I am full of tiny freckles, and I've always had huge eye bags!

So, here it is, I hope it helps you out to look even prettier!!
All natural: Kinda pale, with tiny freckles and my eyes look tired.

We need first to prepare your skin, a primer is a great option. MAC has awesome ones, but since I don't have it, a serum rich in nutrients is a great option. 
I use Lift Active Serum 10 from Vichy but this one from L'Oréal is also great. 

After your skin has absorbed it, you will look fresher, then, if your foundation doesn't have any sunblock, you must use one.

If you want a full coverage of foundation, you can use a BB cream before it because it will work as a "pre-foundation" if you you want a lighter coverage, just go for sunblock.
Practically all the brands have BB creams now, and they all have sunblock, so, if you wanna have a full coverage after the foundation, this is a good idea.

But I just went for sunblock since I didn't want a very full one (that is better for the night).

After it is absorved, the first thing you have to do is use the concealer.
I love MAC concealers, but a low cost option (very good as well) is L'Oréal or Maybelline
It is very important that it is at least 2 tones lighter than your skin because that will help you hide any imperfection. 

Apply it either with the applier or with the tips of your fingers under the eyes and on top of every single spot you don't like (zit scares, mosquitoe bites, big freckles)

Maybe if you are not used to the concealer, before you apply the foundation, you will feel you look as a panda (with white spots instead of black), but that will go away very quick.
After you apply it, blur the edges with your finger tips.

Then, apply the foundation:
The foundation has to be the closest posible color to your skin. To choose it, take the bottle in the store and put it aside your face in front of a mirror, because if you try it on your hands, it won't work, generally hands get darker than the face. However, if you wana look a little bit tanned, but not fake, choose one or two tones (max) darker than your face, but then don't forget to apply it on the neck as well.

Again, I love MAC foundations, but a low cost one that I also love is Lumi Magique from L'Oréal.
And I prefer liquid ones instead of solid, because they allow you to handle them better either with your finger tips or a brush. 

What's the difference between the fingertips and the brush?
The fingertips generally are gonna apply less foundation so you will have either a sheer or medium coverage and with a brush it will be full. A brush is perfect at night but I've always prefered my finger tips.

Anyway, whatever you prefer, DON'T RUB!! Apply with little pats! Otherwise you are in risk of ending up with a spot that looks exactly like a brush on paper, with the lines of the path.

After you covered your entire face then you can give a very soft massage (just a litttle little bit of rubbing) with your fingertips to make the coverage even. 

Almost done! There are no eyebags anymore!!

Then. to avoid shiny spots, add a thin layer of powder. (Again, I love MAC but a low cost option is L'Oréal and Maybelline, I tried them both and are cool!)

And if you add on the space between the edge of your eye and your nose a little, little, little bit of lighter foundation, it will give you a lot of light on the face (as long as you blur it well with your fingers, otherwise it will look like a white spot). In this pic I already did that and if you notice my eyes look way much fresher and more open.

Now, that's the foundation! But there are 2 very important details to avoid looking pale!!
1) Eyebrows! Mine are really poor, so I really need to mark them.
2) Blush!!!
This one is MAC but Revlon has awesome blushes

I first use a brush, starting under your cheek bone and all the way up.

And then I blur it with my fingertips to avoid it looking as a red spot :)

The blush with the eyebrows (if you need it):
Gives you a whole new shiny, juicy full of life skin!!
Next time I will show you how to make your eyes look really big in no time!
I hope you liked!!!

Ah! And don't exagerate with the eyebrows or you gonna end up looking as a vampire ;)


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