Saturday, March 30, 2013

The real hair restorer: a natural solution!

I've always suffered from dry hair. No matter how many treatments I use, what brand of shampoo, how often I wash it, what I eat, if I put special hair infusions... anything! It might feel silky for a day or two but afterwards it becomes back to normal. After I tried every single brand of hair products, every single treatment (as long as they were affordable, I must add), and the only solution I found out was using loads of hair conditioner and after-wash balsams to not feel it that hard but I know they just add some kind of cover to the hair and so it is actually not really repaired.
Anyway, since it is in fashion that every single product is as much natural as possible, with each time less chemicals, and to take advantage to all the nature nutrients, and many brands make millions using all kind of natural oils in their producs (assumig they indeed do), then, if there is nothing better than natural ingredients, I wondered if by any chance it wouldn't be better to use the ingredients as pure as they could be!!! And I was right! I started asking my friends about their grandmothers recipees for a silky hair (before conditioners and all this bomb of new products was nearly close to appear) and then I started inquiring on the internet and on books about the best nutrition ingredients for hair. And as it always happens: Grannies were right!
I inquired, checked, read, inquired again and then tried myself... and believe it or not, it works!! And it is all natural and not nearly as expensive as one of those parisian treatments that every one of us would like to have in a spa but that just few can.
Maybe you will find shocking that probably all the ingredients are already in your home, and even more shocked because you never thought it could be the best solution to have a super shiny and silky hair :)

So, here is the formula, and I swear IT WORKS! A natural home-made remedy for the dry hair!
I even added pictures of me when I was putting it on in case you woudn't believe me ;)

Honey (the purest, the better)

Olive oil (the most virgin, the better)

An egg

Mayonese (any kind is fine, but if you hate the smell, try a light one)

This amount is good for average long hair, if your hair is too long or you have too much, you might have to double the ingredients, and same thing but sideways if your hair is short.

Put 2 table spoons of honey in a dish. If the honey is too thick you might have to microwave it for around 20 seconds to make it easier to mix with the rest of the ingredients.
In this pic the honey is too thick

Here it is after the microwave

Add 2 table spoons of olive oil

Add the egg (all of it)

Add around 4 or 5 table spoons of mayonese

Mix it all super well with a fork (not the blender, because it might end up too liquid) until everything is perfectly incorporated.

And ready to use!!

Put it in all your hair however you prefer, fingers, a comb, a brush, but it is very important that you put special attention in the dryest parts (tips and roots, generally)

When you apply it in all your hair I strongly recommend you to hold your hair because of the honey or you will end up totally sticky

And since it might dripp, a towell or something like that between your hair and your shoulders ;)

Finally, to generate heat (to make the active ingredients, whatever they are, start working, or work even better), cover all your hair with a plastic bag:

Leave it for at least 30 minutes, so the best time to apply is at night when you are at home, the more time, the better,  and when you rinse it, use shampoo to take all the rest away.
If your hair is VERY dry, I would really recommend you to use it at least twice a week until you notice difference (which I noticed after around 2 weeks) and then you can go to just once a week.

Generally the results are visible after the second apply. And if you are gonna keep on using hair dryer or any product of the same kind I would strongly recommend you to use a heat protector (they sell them anywhere and they are not pricey at all)

Remember: I am NOT a chemist or anything like that. I just investigated, asked, inquired and tried and it really worked for me. I hope that it works for you as well!! :)

And as I told you, all the ingredients were at your place already!

I wanna thank my boyfriend for being an awesome hand model while we were making the recipe ;)

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