Sunday, May 5, 2013

A little bit bohemian :)

I didn't have time to upload my outfit yesterday night! I was so focused reading the blogs of all the beautiful girls that have allowed me to use their pictures, looking at their pictures, and enjoying all the comments, that after I came back from the movies with my bf, the time flew and then suddently it was too late.
I am a bit sad because I went downtown trying to sell my two cameras in order to buy a better one with the income of both of them but in all the photography stores they wanted to give me practically nothing and I didn't have enough money for a better one :( . I am learning how important is to have a good camera for this kind of blogs, and well, I didn't have any complains until recently when I discovered what a nice camera can do for you and your outfit. I guess I'll have to buy a piggy box to put all my coins!
Anyway, here is the outfit.

None of my cameras take good pictures at night, so this is the best my bf (that handles it way much better than I) could do, but I'm gonna try to fix that soon :)

The baret was bought in H&M sales 2 years ago for like 4 USD
The top was 4 USD in a discount store

The make up is MAC and L'Oréal

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