Sunday, May 5, 2013

Special guests from Colombia with Latin Fire: Diana and Malú

 She is wearing a Zara Skirt :)
I've met many Colombians all my life, by the internet, in Miami, at the airports, and they are awesome!!
Warm, chatty, nice, polite, cheery, smart. They really  like to know you. 
All we hear about Colombia recently is related to Cartels and Drugs, but let's face it, they say the same about Mexico. When I am in Europe (half of the year), each single time I say I am from Mexico to someone, they open their eyes like if they were gonna pop out of their faces and once they even asked me how did I manage to still be alive!!! Well dear readers: Not all latins are dealers, and not all latins go around carrying weapons :)
Another question I get a lot in Europe is "how can you speak English so well?", well, the answer is simple: We like to study!! :) I know many latins (Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela, everywhere) that haven't had the chance to travel or study languages and still they speak English way much better than me :)
There is a Colombian movie I love, if you like foreigner movies, check it out: Rosario Tijeras
Did you know that the best coffee of the world is Colombian? :)
Colombia has amazing landscapes, lovely people, beautiful history and beautiful  cities... I can't wait to go!
Well, here is Diana, a beautiful stylish Colombian girl, and since for some reason (maybe because we all love them), pets are becoming an important part of this blog, I added her dog, Malú. I think she is a Cocker Spaniel, and she seems as lovely as Diana! She has a blog in English and Spanish, and I love the way she writes!
Here she is! Thank you for letting me use your pics, Diana!

 I love the little skulls brazalet!

Here she is, with Malú :)

So adorable!

Her hair is so shiny!

This is the Colonial District of Bogotá

Colombia: Coffee Lands :)