Friday, May 3, 2013

Special guest: Lovely Charly, Germany

 The red blazer on top of the leopard is really cool!
I've always wanted to be in the Oktoberfest, in Germany, or in one of their famous raves. Many urban cultures, as goths have borne in there, and every single time I see a German girl, there is always something I like about them, it could be anything (or everything!!). The Germans have awesome education level, are hard workers, and very good friends!
I met Charly online not long ago, when I found her blog: , with gorgeous outfits and great pictures. She has beautiful eyes and for the pictures I can guess a strong and very kind personality!
 Have you notice that her hair has two tones? I want it that way!! :)

 Great bag!

Heels with pants: always make your legs longer! You've got it, girl!

Charly: Thanks so much!!
Germany: Knowledge and style! :)

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