Saturday, June 8, 2013

Special guest: Beautiful Guste, Lithuania's got it!

I found delightful Guste maybe last week, but since Andrew and I were building the turtles home, and having few days out, I didn't have time to work on more entries, but I am back! :)
She is a beautiful Lithuanian girl with a super cute face and tender smile, and she has many outfits that I love.
Check her blog! :) http:// Good news! It is in English!
She is very young but you can already admire her style, so, I guess that in few years she's gonna be kicking our asses :p
I went for this outfit because since right now I am still in Mexico and it is bloody hot here, I've been forgetting a lot about cold clothes, and I totally loved her monochrome outfit.
Thank you so much, Guste!!

Amazing pic from Lithuania

Lithuania smiles for you!!

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