Monday, June 17, 2013

Special guest: Spain's got the power! Astonishing Eider

I love people from Spain! I've had the luck to know many since I was very young (I even remember that my first big crush was with an Spanish boy, when I was around 12!!), and they are awesome! Smart, avid readers, really hot (boys and girls), cultivated. Not long ago, a friend of a friend, Spanish, stayed at home for a week, and she was great!! We had an awesome time together! And I totally admire them. After all the problems they've been through they just wont give up! That's the spirit!
Well, not long ago I found Eider after a comment, and I checked her blog, and I totally loved it. http:// , she has all the Spanish qualities: cute, really nice, warm, cheerful, and I totally love her style!
Here she is, beautiful, beautiful Eider, from my beloved Spain!
Thanks so much, Eider!!
 I love aviator sunglasses!
 The jacket is wonderful!

 Soooo cute!

 That's personality!

Fabulous Spain!

Spain's got spirit and power!

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