Saturday, June 15, 2013

Special guest: Fabulous Anna and her love for kitties, Ukraine

I am not surprised about the amazing style of Anna, she is versatile, she is cute, and she is Ukrainian! I've found in my search of fashion bloggers some girls from Ukraine, and they are all just great. Totally different between each other, and yet, each one has a style that rocks. Anna has a fashion blog with great pictures, , that is not just about fashion, but about lifestyle and everything she likes. I think it is great.
And with a gorgeous smile, love for literature, amazing dark hair, and an stunning combination, here she is!
Thank you so much, Anna!
Pink and black: always a 10!

She didn't say if this lovely kitty is hers, but since we all love animals, I couldn't stop sharing this beauty's picture!

 Awesome picture from Ukraine!

Ukraine: Style everywhere!!

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  1. Wow! How lovely! Thank u!
    PS. that is mine kitty
    Hugs from Ukraine)


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