Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Special guest: Tina, the stunning Canadian warrior

A warrior's Diary is the name of her blog! I love it! http://a-warriors-diary.blogspot.ca/ . She is only 17 but her taste on fashion shows as if she have had many years of experience! She repplied almost inmediately to me but after last week where my tooth was killing me and blah blah blah, today I just got the chance to show how beautiful and stylish Canadian girls are! She has ultra long blonde hair that looks stunning even in the "messy" looks (and remember that the new messy hair is super trendy). In her blog she also has fabulous cooking recipes that I NEED to try!!! and many other things that you will love.
Thank you Tina! I love your look!!

Remember: (as she says, and I totally agree) Black stripes are a must have this summer.

Winnipeg, her beautiful home town.

Canada: Surprising!!

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  1. love your style! you are beautiful

  2. AWESOME <3



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