Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Yellow outfit, three variations

Option 1: With a white top

Option number 2: with a yellow shirt used as sweater

Option number three: with a yellow top tied up under the breast
Since solid colors are super trendy this year, I went for yellow, because many girls don't like it, but I think that as long as you mix it with black, white or both, it can be really cool.
So, here is the same outfit with three variations. I hope you like it.



All inspired in the 70's
The white top has appeared previously here: 
The yellow skirt has appeared previously here: 
The white socks were around 2 USD in a market, maybe less
The shoes, I think is the first time I wear them in this blog but I've had them for 3 years and I just remember I got them on a super sale for almost nothing
The yellow shirt has been in my closet for ages and I almost never wear it
The handmade necklace has appeared previously here: 
The make up is MAC and Chanel 

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