Monday, June 10, 2013

Corset belt and pink shoes, two outfits

Since when I was experimenting with my outfits, I loved how the corset belt looked with the pink shoes, and as well, the pink shoes with black socks, I came with two outfits, I hope you like them!!

With black and white:

 I used an extra long top under the skirt to make it look as decoration part of it, but in reality there are 2 different pieces.

Total white: 

It is a skirt and a top, but with the belt, you make them look as a dress.

The snake necklace used as bracelet.

The make up: 

On the outfit number one: 
The snake necklace used as bracelet has appeared previously here: 

On outfit number two:
The white top has appeared previously here: 
The white skirt has been in my closet for ages
The black handmade necklace has appeared previously here:
The feather earrings have appeared previously here:

On both outfits:
The make up is MAC, Chanel and Revlon

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